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Print – Auckland Tiny Planet 6


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Park Bench with a Twist.

In my Tiny Planets series, special equipment is used to first take a series of photos covering 360° both horizontally and vertically. Then, they are stitched and edited together in a way that makes the scenery appear to recede off into the distance, in the form of a little planet.

When we see landscape shots we expect them to be wide and to faithfully portray an image of the landscape in the shot. By combining shots in this special way I enjoy subverting the traditional left-to-right landscape style and presenting our familiar surroundings in an unfamiliar way.

This is an ongoing project. There are limitless places to photograph and each has its own story to tell.

Highest quality printing available.

Size - Square

12×12" (30x30cm), 18×18" (45x45cm), 24×24" (60x60cm), 36×36" (90x90cm)


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